About Me

JoAnn Magdoff, LCSW, PhD is a psychotherapist specializing in individual, couples and family therapy and maintains a private practice in New York, N.Y.

What I bring to this work:
Through my life choices I bring a rich mix of work experience to my practice:

· My PhD is in Cultural Anthropology (Princeton University). It has enabled me to see people as individuals within different systems , from their immediate relationships to a broader cultural context.
· As an anthropologist, I studied life/work balance. Extensive research in business relationships and culture has helped me to understand how work impacts sense of self and of self-worth.
· A background in anthropology has left me particularly sensitive to the nuances of cross-cultural relationships.
· I approach pre-marital work as similar to the joining together of people from two different cultures.
Becoming a psychotherapist:
After returning to the US and completing my dissertation, I was invited join the post-doctoral program in Psychoanalytic theory and Technique at Columbia Psychoanalytic. I then trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist (at Fordham University and elsewhere. My cultural anthropological background allowed me to see the person in a larger whole: from the interpersonal to the familial, to larger social networks and the world in which people work. As a psychotherapist, I have an abiding interest in the relations people participate in, personally, in family, and at work.
· My MSW was awarded from Fordham University and I am a LCSW.

Current professional affiliations:
· Founder and First President (1993) of Metro chapter of the New York Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (State chapter of AAMFT)
· Bellevue Hospital (New York), Adjunct Faculty (Supervisor, Family Therapy)
· CUNY, New York, Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program, Supervisor, Individual Psychotherapy.
· NYCEFT and IFEET, clinical member
· AAMFT clinical member
· IFTA clinical member

Ongoing professional experiences:
I am deepening my own work with couples using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). I am working with Accelerated Experiential-Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), treating individuals. In both models, we create a safe, understanding and accepting environment, one that fosters emotionally strong relationships, creativity, the growth of self-reflection and self-acceptance.

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